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Products and Parts

    To better serve you, we have in stock or quick availability the following parts and products for blower and trailer needs:

    BLOWERS: Tuthill truck blowers, industrial blowers, and vacuum systems.
    BUTTERFLY VALVES: Sure Seal sizes 2" to 12" as well as discs, stems, seats and handle kits.
    CHECK VALVES: Bayco, threaded and flanged, spring loaded or not spring loaded.
    RELIEF VALVES: Kunkle and Bayco, for blowers and trailers.
    DOME LID COMPONENTS: Butler, Fruehauf, Trailmobile, Walker, Stephens, Beall, J and L, Vantage and Heil.
    PRESSURE GAUGES: 2" to 4" Liquid filled or dry.
    HOSES: 4" product hoses, thick or thin walled. 3" Hot hoses with or without fittings up to 100 foot rolls.
    CAMLOCK FITTINGS: PT Brand, aluminum and ductile.
    AERATORS: Aeration systems (Solimar Pneumatics Distributor) Walker, Stephens, Beall, Fruehauf, Trailmobile, Heil, Butler, and Vantage. Pads also available.
    PRE CLEANER: Centri PreCleaners Best-X Inc.
    AIR CLEANERS: Tuthill and Donalson filters and elements.
    SILENCERS: Riker, Stoddard, Tuthill.
    PTO's: Chelsea and Muncie.
    DRIVE LINES: Spicer and Dana (welded or not welded).
    HOPPER TEES: Sure Seal, aluminum and steel.
    DOME LID ASSEMBLIES: Knappo, aluminum and steel rings, Heil, Butler, Fruehauf.
    ALSO: Tank Testers, Fenders, Light Boxes, Wet Kits, Aluminum or Steel Clot Baskets.

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